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Why You Need Colorbond for Your Security Fencing in Brisbane

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When it comes to security fencing for your Brisbane business, you have many options. They all promise long-lasting security and privacy, but not all privacy fencing gives you the same level of protection. There’s a reason so many are switching to Colorbond for security fencing in Brisbane, and it might be time for you to change too.

Colorbond fencing has a few unique properties that make it especially effective as security fencing in Brisbane. First, it’s made to last. Starting with BlueScope Australian steel, Colorbond security fence panels come with a ten-year warranty reflecting the high quality of this sturdy material. In addition to this easy to maintain construction, Colorbond steel fencing is made without vertical gaps, increasing the privacy you get from your fence.

This modern marvel outdoes other materials in every way. It won't rot or become subject to heat damage and has even been shown to help protect your business in the event of a bushfire. Plus, these steel fences are 100% recyclable, and the installation process minimises the scrap and waste created during setup.

It even looks great. If you’re still not convinced, take a look at the beautiful colours available for Colorbond fencing from Ozwhite Fences. Having served the south of Brisbane for many years, and having a team with over 15 years combined experience, we’ve seen all kinds of fencing material come and go and helped countless businesses fit their security and privacy needs. When it comes down to it, there’s nothing like Colorbond steel. Call us today to get a quote on new Colorbond fencing for your property and see the difference for yourself.



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