Aluminium Pool Fencing Brisbane

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Powder Coated Aluminium Panels & Gates


Ozwhite Fences  provides a popular range of Aluminium Fencing for your pool at a great price. Our Pool fencing requires little maintenance, are quick and easy to install, and are designed to meet Australian standards for pool fencing (AS 1926.1 - 2016). Pool fencing in the Australian climate requires rust resistance and durability. Look no further than our stylish aluminium pool fencing. We are committed to improving safety in and around the pool whilst providing you with modern, affordable and low maintenance fencing options.

Panel size is 1200mm high x 2450mm wide, or can be manufactured to suit custom requirements.

Gate size is 1200mm high x 975mm wide (suit 1000mm opening), or can be manufactured to suit custom requirements.

Pool Fencing Design

Flat Top

Powder Coated Aluminium Posts


Ozwhite Fences  provides a range of powder coated aluminium posts. Aluminium posts are perfect for a pool environment as they are resistant to corrosion from chlorine and salt water, while providing the strength needed to support the fencing. Our 50x50 posts are available in both inground and flanged (base plate) options for ease of installation.

Inground 50x50 Post available in 1800mm, 2100mm & custom lenghts.

Flanged 50x50 Post available in 1300mm, 1600mm & custom lenghts.

Flanged Post
Inground Post

Gate Latches & Hinges


Ozwhite Fences has a range of gate hardware to suit all our pool products. Gate safety is extremely important and our TriLatch is the safest pool latch on the market today. Not only does the TriLatch have an enhanced triple security feature but it's magnetic self-latching system keeps the gate latched (even when slammed). When paired with our fixed tension self closing hinges the TriLatch creates a gate that is safer than any other.

Safety First - Pool Fencing in Brisbane’s Southside

Whether at a poolside barbecue or a pool-themed birthday party, a swimming pool brings the family together like little else can. With all this fun though, comes a bit of risk. In a neighbourhood with children, it’s not just a good idea to have proper pool fencing for your Brisbane Southside home, it’s essential.

In fact, there are strict standards for pool fencing in Brisbane’s Southside and beyond. Ozwhite Fences is a pool fence supplier offering products designed with these regulations in mind. Since we supply and custom fabricate pool fence panels to gates, latches and more, we can ensure it’s up to code and that the material won’t degrade.


Our custom made pool fencing is made from powder-coated aluminium and can be altered to fit the needs of your garden or additional safety requirements that may be concerning you. A pool can be a lot of fun, but it’s important to keep safe too. Call Ozwhite Fences today for help securing your pool.

DIY Installation